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Courier & Goods in Transit

As a courier, you deliver by van for a living, so you don’t just need cheap insurance, you also need real value for money. Your customers insist on prompt, no excuses courier service regardless of weather and road conditions. You can be just as demanding with us.

They are different types of business, and so require different policies. A courier delivers to several places per journey, whereas a haulier generally delivers to one or two.


Will my policy include Goods In Transit insurance ?

Yes, up to £10,000 with certain insurers if you often carry cargo worth more you’ll require additional Goods In Transit cover. You’ll also need a specialist Goods In Transit policy if you are going outside GB, NI, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Most policies provide the minimum level of cover needed to follow the compulsory insurance of motor vehicles laws in any EU/EEA country. However please remember the inclusive goods in transit cover does not apply beyond the territorial limits of the policy and will only be operative within GB, NI, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.


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