Additional Products

Cabshield not only look to provide you with cheap insurance

In partnership with Proximo(a leading UK accident management company) we have a number of fantastic additional products available to add to your policy.

Giving you the extra piece of mind for all that life throws at you!

The products available are:

Breakdown Cover -£82

Breakdown cover from Greenflag

  • Maximum 6 breakdowns per year
  • Vehicle’s must be less than 8 years old
  • Includes Home Start Greenlight Protector

Click HERE to view or download more information on our Breakdown Cover in a PDF format.


If you should make a claim the excess protector helps to reimburse your excess. The benefits include.

  • Covers up to 2 claims in one policy year
  • Offers cover for different excess amounts
  • Help to reimburse your excess

Cover Required

Excess Protection up to £500
– £62

Excess Protection up to £750
– £94

Excess Protection up to £1000
– £126

Click HERE to view or download more information on the Excess Protector in PDF format.


Public liability insurance is designed to give you invaluable protection against any damage or accidents caused to third parties, as well as their belongings. It’s important to consider adding it on to ensure that you and your business are protected against any claims made by passengers.

Our insurers can offer indemnity up to 10 million. Before taking this extra cover you must check with your local authority the correct level of liability you need.

If you have any questions regarding this then please contact our office on 01382 889222

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